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This recipe calls for sourdough starter, so if you're into breadmaking this is the recipe for you. If not, maybe it's time to give it a shot. There's no substitute for the starter in this recipe, just like there's no substitute for hot, fresh doughnuts.

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ready in:

2-5 hrs

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2 cups sourdough starter
1 cup lukewarm milk
1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1/4 cup oil
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour, divided, plus more as needed


2 cups sourdough starter 1 cup lukewarm milk 1 1/2 cup flour 2 eggs 1/4 cup oil 1/4 cup sugar 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon soda 1 1/2 cup flour, divided, plus extra as needed

Combine the sourdough starter, milk, and 1 1/2 cups flour in a bowl and mix until smooth.

Add the eggs and oil and beat well until completely combined.

In a small bowl, mix together the sugar, salt, baking soda, and 1/2 cup flour. Mix well then work into the dough.

Spread 1 cup of flour on a work surface. Place the dough on the flour and knead the dough until the dough is soft and most of the flour has been worked into it. Grease a bowl, place the dough in the bowl, cover with waxed paper and let rise in a warm, draft free place until doubled in size.

Add the remaining 1/2 cup of flour on a work surface. Roll the dough out on the floured surface until it is 1/2-inch thick. Cut with donut cutters.

Place the dough on a floured baking sheet and let rise, uncovered, until doubled in size.

Heat oil to 365 degrees F in a deep fryer or deep, heavy skillet. When hot, add the donuts in batches and fry until golden brown. Remove from the oil and let drain on paper toweling. Store the donuts in an airtight container.

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  1. Sourdouglas REVIEW:
    September 15, 2020

    Wow these were unbelievably easy to make and absolutely delicious. I did end up adding a lot of extra flour but that’s not surprising for a sourdough recipe. Also, I didn’t even take the full time let them double since I’m impatient but they still turned out amazing!! I will definitely use this recipe again. Thanks CDKitchen!

  2. Anne Carroll August 4, 2020

    I'm in the middle of making these yummy looking donuts. I'm afraid I'll be disappointed because it just isn't rising. I found this recipe under "sourdough discard recipes", but I'm starting to wonder if it shouldn't have been active starter???

    • CDKitchen Staff Reply:

      I have no idea what you're referencing in regards to "sourdough discard recipes" but yes, this recipe needs active sourdough starter.

    May 8, 2020

    The recipe produced amazing donuts, but I had to add about 2 cups more flour than suggested because the dough was so liquid. I have a mature starter that is nicely foamy. I kept adding flour 1/4 cup at a time to my stand mixer until the moment it began to pull away from the side--and no more. As soon as I could physically pick it up out of the bowl as a wet wet wet dough, i stopped adding flour. i then oiled a bowl and let it rise for 2 hours. When I pulled out after the rise, it was more solid, and I only ended up adding about 1/4 of a cup during the second kneading. I shaped them as I would a bagel instead of cutting them out because I didn't have a good circle cutter handy. Anyway, they were gobbled down . I'll make this recipe again with my modifications.

  4. Bishop J REVIEW:
    August 24, 2018

    Those of you that are having trouble and adding flour are probably not working the dough enough. Sourdough is a wet sticky dough. Kneading, folding, slamming and rolling repeatedly will work the gluten and will tighten the dough up and it won't be as sticky. You will know when it's leaded enough when you stretch it , window pane effect, and it doesn't tear but becomes translucent . Then it's ready .

  5. Doris Jean REVIEW:
    April 1, 2017

    I modified this with my Mom's recipe (It includes mashed potatoes and butter) They came out delicious. We ate them as fast as we could fry them. Thanks for the idea!

  6. furelise REVIEW:
    March 1, 2015

    Excellent recipe! I do not use all purpose flour. We use whole grain spelt and my sourdough starter is made using spelt. Yes, it does take more flour but it is well worth it.

  7. Guest Foodie August 27, 2014

    It would have been nice to include a recipe for the starter for those of us that don't have one. ??

    • CDKitchen Staff Reply:

      There are several recipes for sourdough starter on this site. Just type in sourdough starter in the recipe search box at the top of the page.

  8. Guest Foodie REVIEW:
    March 3, 2014

    I tried to give this recipe one star, but it would only let me give 5 stars. This recipe had too many steps, took too long, and resulted in biscuits with holes. As others said, there isn't enough flour in the recipe (or maybe it requires some kind of special donut technology to handle). A disappointing, overwrought waste of time and sourdough starter.

  9. Karen Morris REVIEW:
    January 9, 2014

    I had to add a lot of extra flour, probably because I had a wet starter. These doughnuts turned out excellent, however. I ended up forming them into twists rather than cutting them out in doughnut shapes. I think next time I'll try to use this as a beignet recipe, using half and half instead of milk, and cutting the dough into squares prior to the last rising. Thank you!!

  10. KMorris January 5, 2014

    I'm preparing the recipe now. I had to add a lot of extra flour during the kneading process because the dough was too wet to knead. I'm hoping my doughnuts won't turn out too heavy as a consequence. However, my sourdough starter is new, and it might have been a bit too moist. I'm planning to roll and cut out the doughnut dough this evening, allow it to rise overnight and then fry the doughnuts early in the morning.

  11. CC REVIEW:
    April 7, 2012

    Holy deliciousness! This is going to be my go to recipe for when I have a brunch and/or guests staying with us. This recipe really isn't that difficult, you just need to allow for the time which will vary from geographical areas due to the humidity etc. However, I have to say that the batter-like consistency was a little intimidating at first, but once you added the last of the flour before cutting and letting them rise for the last time, I knew that these would be worth all the time and effort I put into it! We dyed Easter eggs and made cookies waiting for the dough to make its first rise. I set them out overnight for the last rise after shaping them and they turned out FABULOUS! You will absolutely not regret trying this recipe. And a good chocolate glaze never hurts! YUM! Bon Apetit!

  12. r1cash REVIEW:
    February 5, 2012

    I used this recipe, my starter is mature and fed before I started. My starter was foamy and about as thick as thick pancake batter, kinda hard to measure because it was so thick. I made a big batch after the first raise " I allowed two hours for the first raise" I split the dough in half, then made doughnuts and cinnamon rolls. "on the second raise I allowed two hours" now they were not the tallest desert on the table, but they were the first to go.The flavor the tender flakey texture of the Roll and the doughnut were perfect. The fermentation of the dough was perfect leaving an empty plate. do not be afraid to cook until golden brown. This is now my secret weapon when my family wants something special. Like always a good active starter is your best friend. I am making these again soon

  13. ladylavenderblue REVIEW:
    October 15, 2009

    I tried this recipe using a sourdough starter I had made that had been fermenting for 7 days. I wasn't sure how the sourdough was going to turn out in this recipe because it had a pancake like batter as compared to other recipes that said the sourdough should be foamy and bubbly which I did not have. It turned out really good. The inside of the dough resembled a flaky, airy texture. I had tried two other sourdough doughnut recipes that was a little bit too heavy.


Sourdough Doughnuts Recipe | (2024)


What is the difference between sourdough donuts and regular donuts? ›

Sourdough donuts taste extra tangy thanks to a sourdough starter, a leavener that requires a bit of extra care but rewards you with a soft and airy dough. Balance the starter's flavorful boost with a thin veil of buttery vanilla glaze.

What is sourdough bomboloni? ›

Naturally leavened bomboloni are essentially sourdough doughnuts (with no sourness). They're also known as berliner, krapfen, ballen, pączki, donut, and many more names all over the world. It seems everyone at some point figured out that frying enriched dough was incredibly delicious.

Is it better to bake or fry donuts? ›

Baked doughnuts are smaller, baking powder driven and more compact. A typical fried glazed donut will be around 269 calories, while a baked donut will have much fewer. The difference is the fact that you won't be dealing with any extra fat from the oil from frying when you bake.

Why are Amish donuts so good? ›

Amish doughnuts are always made from scratch with the baking basics—sugar, flour, milk, yeast and eggs. What sets them apart from other doughnut recipes is the method, which requires kneading, stirring and patience. The doughnuts themselves are usually fried in fat, but we'll use vegetable oil.

Is Dunkin donuts sourdough real sourdough? ›

Dunkin's sourdough is the real deal and uses 'Baby Bird' starter. The notorious hassle of maintaining a sourdough starter (per King Arthur Flour) means that it hasn't traditionally been a popular method for industrial baking.

Are sourdough donuts better? ›

They are light and airy, not overly sweet and you can decorate them any way you would like - so go nuts! Plus, these are easier to make than you may think, as with most things sourdough there is a lot of waiting, but the results are most definitely worth it.

Is Dunkin donuts sourdough bread real? ›

Many other companies that make sourdough bread on a large-scale use either a powdered substance as a base or use sourdough flavoring to flavor their bread. We used the sourdough starter I created as inspiration for the sourdough starter in Dunkin's Sourdough Bread.

What are Louisiana doughnuts called? ›

beignet, French-style fried square doughnut. Introduced in Louisiana by the French Acadians in the 18th century, this light pastry is a delicacy in New Orleans. The beignet was named the official state doughnut of Louisiana in 1986.

Is artisan dough the same as sourdough? ›

Flour, water, salt and yeast are the key ingredients of most artisan breads - and a lack of chemical additives in its ingredients list is a sign that it is truly artisan. Sourdough breads may not even include yeast, as they rely on a culture for leavening instead.

Does Dunkin donuts bake or fry their donuts? ›

Some Dunkin' locations bake their donuts in house, but not all. There are three ways Dunkin' locations can acquire donuts, according to TikTok user and franchise owner Amir Mohamed.

Are Entenmann's donuts baked or fried? ›

Baked, not fried

Entenmann's Donut Cakes are delicious, moist, old-fashioned-style doughnuts that offer something new—they're baked! Made with real ingredients like cinnamon and chocolate, they have no high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors.

Are Krispy Kreme donuts deep fried or baked? ›

Like most doughnuts, Krispy Kremes are fried (cooked in oil). Frying cooks the dough rapidly from the outside in to give the doughnuts their distinctive crispy texture. The flipper turns the doughnuts over midway through the oil.

What is the most unhealthy donut in the world? ›

Honey Dew Donuts Coconut Jelly Stick

The Honey Dew Coconut Jelly Stick is the most calorie and sugar-heavy donut on our list with 590 calories and 40 grams of sugar per stick. Not only that, but it has a whopping 680 milligrams of sodium, which is almost a third of the recommended daily limit.

What country eats the most donuts? ›

Per capita, Canadians eat the most doughnuts compared to all world countries.

What are holy donuts made of? ›

To make the donuts, Kellis uses unbleached flour, local buttermilk, New England eggs, and Aroostook County potatoes. The potatoes are boiled, pressed through a ricer, then incorporated into the donut mixture. The dough is rolled out, sliced into rounds, and fried until golden brown.

What are sourdough donuts made of? ›

These donuts are made with a traditional egg, milk, butter and flour mixture. The only difference is that they are leavened using a sourdough starter rather than commercial yeast. Sourdough donuts are not cakey like other baked donuts because they still have yeast - it's just a naturally occurring yeast.

What's the difference between sourdough and normal? ›

Sourdough relies on a mix of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria, rather than baker's yeast, to leaven the dough. It's richer in nutrients, less likely to spike your blood sugar, contains lower amounts of gluten, and is generally easier to digest than bread made with baker's yeast.

What is the difference between the two types of doughnuts? ›

The Obvious Difference

Yeast doughnuts, as the name clearly spells out, are made from dough leavened with yeast (think brioche), whereas cake doughnuts are traditionally made from a kind of cake batter that uses a chemical leavener (i.e. baking powder or baking soda).

What are the two main types of donuts? ›

While cake doughnuts and yeast doughnuts are both delicious, they are made with different ingredients and unique methods. It's helpful to understand how to make doughnuts to know just what makes them different.


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